OKAYA Combo EV Charger is an outdoor integrated multi-standard charging station. It is featured with dual technology allowing simultaneous charging in DC and AC. It delivers 82 kW in total continuously through three different guns- 60 kW DC in sharing power mode for European Standard (CCS_2) and Japanese Standard (CHAdeMO) and while 22 kw AC Type-2 works indecently. It is ideally suitable for fleet management, medium and large parking lots and Highway petrol, food plaza and service stations.
  • Featured with dual technology allowing multiple standard DC and AC both simultaneously.
  • Compact and contemporary design. Easy to Install and use
  • 82kW continuous fast charging.
  • IP 54.
  • High efficiency, High power factor, low input harmonic current, no need for additional reactive power compensation and harmonic suppression equipment.
  • Hot-swap modular design and easy maintenance.
  • 200-1000vdc high output voltage, covering all existing and future vehicles.
  • Three independent outlets: CCS-2, CHAdeMO and Type-2
  • Daylight readable 7” full color touchscreen display.
  • Compatible with Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).
  • APP Scan Code / RFID Card Charging.
  • EV Standard: IEC 62196, IEC 61851 for CCS-2 and JEVS G105 for CHAdeMO

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