The charging cabinet is an intelligent device for battery charging. It is composed by a main control cabinet body. The main control cabinet has 12 rechargeable cubicles.
This product is suitable for charging and switching of intelligent NCM and LFP battery tramcar. It’s suitable for unattended power exchange. Using the programmable controller as the main control unit, the system runs more safely and reliably. It can monitor various current status information such as current, voltage, power and distribution equipment, temperature and equipment abnormality of the charging terminal in real time with completely fulfilled intelligent and integrated management of the platform.
  • Front End Battery Mounting for Charging and User Access.
  • Back end Service door for easy maintenance and independent working.
  • Back end Air Cooling (AC ) Mounting for greater experience at the Front end of Swapping station.
  • Individual Battery and slot working allows flexibility in design and independent working.
  • Height to ground for Easy swapping of the battery and Water entry sparking.
  • Aircon Cooling facility.
  • Single Swapping Station support NCM and LFP different configuration and capacity without any hurdle.
  • Easy to operate with 15” Touch Screen and advance functionality

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