OKAYA DC Wallbox is a compact 30 kW DC fast charger. It can deploy charging network rapidly and effectively, providing high-power quick charging service for electric vehicles. It has a durable, robust, all weather enclosure for indoor and outdoor use and support CCS-2 or CHAdeMO standard. It is applicable to public parking, fleet management and enterprises parking lot.
  • Compact and contemporary design.
  • 30kW continuous fast charging.
  • IP 54.
  • Easy to Install and use.
  • 66A high output current.
  • Single outlet: CCS or CHAdeMO
  • Daylight readable 7” full colour touchscreen display.
  • Compatible with Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).
  • APP Scan Code / RFID Card Charging.
  • Space saving model.
  • Simple wall mounting.
  • EV Standard: IEC 62196, IEC 61851 for CCS-2 and JEVS G105 for CHAdeMO

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