T is for Terrific.

Built on the same beating heart and body of the F4, the F2T's purpose is simple: to make life simple, and convenient for you.

With a single under seat portable battery, the F2T allows you to charge up from the convenience of just about anywhere. The 2.2 kWh LFP battery can be detached from the vehicle and carried home, or to office, or to a café, to recharge when you do.

Under the hood (or in the wheel, to be precise) comes a powerful 1200W motor that delivers 2000W of peak power. As a result the F2T zips you ahead of the pack at a phenomenal speed of 70 kmph.

made to cater to your everyday needs

Terrific Range

Never get bogged down and held back due to lack of charge. With a range of 70-80 km/charge, the F2T makes you you never stop amidst your quests.

Total Safety

One who goes fast must be prepared to stop fast. Said Confucius. Ok, no, probably not him but someone did. Nevertheless, the F2T comes ready with dual 110-130mm combi brakes to ensure just this.

Terrific Performance

With a blazing top speed of 70 km/hour and 0-40 in under 6 seconds, zip through and stay ahead of traffic at all times.

Terrific Styling

Colours-CHECK. LED Lighting-CHECK. Edgy Modern Design- CHECK CHECK! Plenty of oooohs and more of that aaaaahs is what audience response will be.​

6 terrific colours

key specs

  • Top Speed 70 Km/Hour
  • Range (Mileage) 70-80 Km/Charge
  • Motor Type Waterproof BLDC Hub Type
  • Motor Power Rated: 1200 W | Peak: 2000 W
  • Battery Chemistry Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LFP)
  • Battery Power 72 Volt 30 Ah | 2.2 kWh