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Half of the Electric 2W is battery and the other half is Electronics and software.

We are battery experts, in OKAYA making batteries for 31 year and are also India’s largest EV charging station manufacturer. In MICROTEK we have 35 years of electronics and battery charging experience. For 19 years we are exporting software to America.

E-vehicle need expertise in battery, electronics and software as these are at heart of every e-scooter. Only OKAYA is unique combination and expertise in all these areas and are widely acknowledged for this.

We provide onsite services in 460,000 village and cities of India to over 11 Crore of our customers spread all over.

In last 35 years, 23000 dealers and distributors have sold goods worth 21,000 crores and made profits of over 2900 crores with us.

We serve through our 19 plants, 61 ware houses and 1075 service points and over 6000 employees. Our distributors, dealers have made over 2900 crores in profit by working with us. You too can earn profits by working with us as a distributor or dealer of our EV scooter company OKAYA EV PVT LTD.

For OKAYA EV dealership you need minimum 1000 Sq. Ft of Dealership Space in which 700 Sq. ft is for showroom and 300 Sq. Ft. is for workshop. 500 Sq. ft of warehouse space is also required.

Dealership 3S setup is recommended at one place but if space challenge is there then dealer can propose showroom, workshop and warehouse space separately.

Yes initially we can accept and approve 1000 Sq. Ft. of space. As and when volume grows we need undertaking that you will give 500 sq. ft. of separate space for warehouse.

Rs. 25,00,000 Investment required including working capital.

Owned Setup ROI will be 131% and in Recommended Rental Setup ( Rs. 65000 Rent per month) ROI will be 60.1%.

Rs. 1,00,000 spare part order required for Initial Order including CDC Machine.

Okaya EV launched products on 4th July’2021 starting with 4 products both in LA Battery and LFP Battery from Range of Rs. 39,999 to Rs. 60,000.

Future OKAYA has plan to launch products in all Category –

  1. Scooters – Slow speed and High Speed
  2. Motorcycle – Slow and High Speed
  3. B2B vehicle – Designed especially for B2B Clients.

All products will Cater MASS segment both in Scooter and Motorcycle segment.

As we have 61 Warehouse and 1075 service points across Pan India thus we have reach to all states and with 6000 employees we can give timely service to all dealers at their ease at their Home.

We will support you with 40% support on Basic price for Test Ride Vehicle which you need to invoice and register either on your firm name or owner name. You should have test ride of 2 different variants.

You can appoint ASSP and Sub Dealers in your respective region / area of operation with prior approval from OKAYA Field Team and management.

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