Features That Make OKAYA Freedum a worthy EV

In the transforming, ever-changing and evolving world, it is inevitable to put a stop to changes that can help build a better future. Today, while all the industries and sectors are undergoing massive disruption, the automobile industry is also experiencing revolutionary changes to meet the requirements of the people living in the 21st century. In the modern world, people are slowly moving towards adopting sustainable solutions to make their life better and easy while avoiding unnecessary fossil fuel footprints. OKAYA has been an epitome of quality and trust for over four decades now and it is recognised as a leader in the battery manufacturing industry. 

With the world moving towards sustainable solutions that initiate and increase the awareness of global warming, OKAYA brings end-to-end electric vehicle solutions and electric vehicles the drive the brand towards a new direction. OKAYA electric vehicles are available in a wide range of e-scooters that suit not just your requirements but also your desire and your lifestyle. OKAYA brings sustainable, high quality and cost-effective e-scooters that will not break the bank. 

Out of all the robust-looking, reliable, easy to ride and lightweight e-scooters, OKAYA Freedum comes with its own set of benefits. Built essentially to provide freedom to the bike owners from pollution, petrol, registration, and license, OKAYA Freedum brings attractive features and looks that make it your perfect mobility buddy. 

The newest launch from the series of attractive e-scooters designed and manufactured by OKAYA, Freedum comes with exciting new features and a riding range which is the highest of any scooters seen in the Indian market. The Freedum starts at a range of Rs. 58,900 ex-showroom for the basic variant. Freedum was built essentially to bring an e-scooter with the riding range of 70-80 km on a single charge. If you have been contemplating buying e-scooters by OKAYA, we have mentioned all the probable reasons and features that make OKAYA Freedum your ultimate mobility buddy. 

OKAYA Freedum provides a range of 70-80 kms* in one charge
Freedum is named essentially to help people get freedom from hassles. OKAYA brings an exclusive riding range of 70-80 kms* after a single charge. However range is available in the 2nd variant i.e. Freedum Li-2

OKAYA Freedum is cost-efficient even at a base variant
OKAYA Freedum is a cost-efficient e-scooter that has its basic variant priced at Rs. 58,900, ex-showroom. Electric vehicle buyers can easily own high-quality, efficient and reliable e-scooter without breaking the bank. Whether you purchase the basic variant or step up further to the higher variants, OKAYA Freedum stays the best mobility buddy priced reasonably. 

OKAYA Freedum is available in variants and variety of exciting colours
OKAYA Freedum comes in two variants (Freedum LA-2 & Freedum LI-2) that are available on offer with 12 new and exciting colour options to suit the buyers. From the hot midnight black, military green, tantalizing blue, pearl white, to fiery red, OKAYA Freedum comes in breath-taking and appealing shades for every personality. 

OKAYA Freedum comes feature-packed
OKAYA Freedum purchasers will be able to get the e-scooter with lead-acid batteries or lithium-ion batteries. It uses a 250-watt BLDC hub motor to power the e-scooter and bring it up to a top speed of 25 kmph. OKAYA Freedum can run efficiently with a riding range of 70-80 kms*. The features provided in the OKAYA Freedum include the following: 

  • LED daytime running lights 
  • Telescopic front suspension
  • LED taillights and indicators 
  • Remote lock / unlock with motor locking 
  • Digital instrument cluster

The best of all: OKAYA Freedum comes with Portable battery
There are two variants (Freedum LA-2 & Freedum LI-2) and the portable battery option comes with Okaya Freedum LI-2 priced at Rs.69,900 / ex showroom. The portable battery feature makes charging the e-Scooter extremely easy and user friendly even for those who live in high rise apartments. The portable battery makes it easy for the user to carry it with him and charge from anywhere he goes such as office, cafes, even at a local shop in case of emergencies.

OKAYA Freedum e-scooter comes with stunning new features backed with innovative technologies to facilitate a sustainable change in human lives. E-scooter lovers can choose from the two brilliant Freedum e-scooters including Freedum LA-2 and Freedum LI-2.