Okaya E Scooters; Get all without breaking the bank.

As the EV industry in India is booming, so is the demand. There are hundreds of manufacturers contributing to the adaption of EV as the primary mode of Travel and Okaya being the pioneer of the Make In India initiative has also put up the hat in the ring.

Operational since 2021, Okaya EV has now launched “FAAST”, the latest model in an already impressive portfolio. The journey of Okaya EV started with a focus on creating foothold in every town, city, and village across India, backed with unmatched service support and providing what you desire and that too without breaking the bank.

Well, now Okaya EV has 4 models (7 variants) on offer namely AVIONIQ, CLASSIQ, FREEDUM & FAAST Respectively.  The product range starts from Rs.54,951 for the AvionIQ100+ and goes up to Rs. 89,900 for the FAAST.

All the models have been developed in a way that they can cater to people with different mindsets and needs. For Instance, Okaya EV Freedum focuses on providing pure liberty to the owners as it doesn’t need any licence or registration and comes with a detachable battery (in selected models) to add to the comfort. On the other hand, the newly launched Faast is primarily focused on speed, distance & thrill.

There is a perception that EVs are a costly affair. Well to an extent this is true as the industry is at the initial phase and infrastructure is being laid up leading to such high costs. Well, it’s not the same for OKAYA as we are in the Electrical industry for decades. Our focus remains on providing top-notch quality at a reasonable price to make EVs affordable so that it can be a very easy switch from IC engines to EVs.

You can read more about all the models by visiting this page https://okayaev.com/e-scooters/