TOP Reasons to buy OKAYA EV as your next mobility Vehicle

After nearly centuries of combustion and fuel-driven engine dominating vehicles in the personal and commercial transportation sector, it now appears that there is greater hope for greener alternatives in the form of electric vehicles. Today, the market of EV’s is on a rise with several two-wheelers manufacturers rapidly investing in developing the electric vehicles market. The wide-scale adoption of electric vehicles has brought evident changes in society not just in terms of the Technologies we use to facilitate personal transportation but also to move our developing economies away from fuel dependent vehicles that create a detrimental environmental footprint with years of use.

The introduction of OKAYA electric vehicles is one such initiative to lessen the environmental footprint of combustion engines dominating personal transportation. A sudden increase in the adaptation of electric vehicles has increased the awareness to consider committing to saving the planet. Owning OKAYA electrical vehicle is one of the best ways to help the environment. Apart from reducing carbon emissions by up to three tons yearly, OKAYA EV can help users join the fight against global warming and a greener environment.

Here are reasons that make OKAYA EV your perfect next electronic vehicle. 

Mind-blowing Reasons why OKAYA should be your next vehicle 

Cheaper in the long run: 
Electric vehicles are much cheaper given the maintenance costs. Given the inclination of people lately towards greener alternatives for personal transportation, OKAYA electric vehicles offer a much cheaper alternative in the longer run concerning the maintenance costs. OKAYA Electric vehicles do not frequently require maintenance at a garage for things including oil checks and servicing as it is run on a battery. 

Reduced emissions in OKAYA EV: 
Electric vehicles like OKAYA Classiq, Freedum and more draw their energies to drive from batteries that are run entirely on electricity rather than engines that are mechanically driven. As opposed to conventional vehicles that are powered entirely with the help of fossil fuels, electric vehicles are driven completely on batteries that emit no forms of gases. Hence, reducing the pollution caused in the environment. 

Okaya EV is Time saving: 
You can easily park your OKAYA electric vehicle at home and charged it for your use. This also means that electric vehicles save you from the extra efforts and time consumed in in having two head to a petrol or gas station. Instead, you can have the OKAYA EV, put it on charge overnight and wake up in the morning to use your electronic vehicle at your convenience. OKAYA electric vehicle comes with the time-saving gift for its owners along with being environment-friendly. 

Reduced to no dependence on oil: 
Adopting to use the OKAYA electric vehicle will also reduce the amount of oil to provide energy for your vehicle. Electric vehicles are entirely run with the help of efficient lithium-ion batteries that do not require any oil use or maintenance. This will not just reduce your consumption of oil but also help you reduce the amount of oil that the nation will have to import to provide energy. 

OKAYA EV are more reliable: 
The OKAYA electric vehicle generally tend to be more reliable as they do not have enough parts that may spoil with the years of use and come with a warranty of two-three years. A fossil fuel run vehicle might suffer from several stalls and wear off with use and problems that can make the maintenance costly. The OKAYA electric vehicle on the other hand frees you of the dependence of extra maintenance costs that are extremely unfavourable. 

Perks from Government Incentives: 
The Indian government has started giving out tax incentives for people who prefer buying electric vehicles. These tax incentives provided by the government include tax exceptions and rebates which makes it favourable for people to own electric vehicles in the country. 

Electric vehicles assembly appropriate and better options as opposed to you are traditional fuel driven and engine dominating vehicles for personal transportation. Several reasons make OKAYA EV the perfect mobility vehicles for the current civilization. Apart from being the new cool toy, OKAYA electric vehicles are an attractive purchase.