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Welcome to Okaya

In an ever changing, ever evolving world, inevitable is just a stone’s throw away. While the automobile industry undergoes a massive disruption for the first time in a century, its only natural we move with it. And here we are. With 38 years of experience in spearheading the energy storage industry, we bring you sustainable mobility that’s built from the heart – built to deliver – and built to last. Welcome to a new revolution in electric two wheelers. Welcome to Okaya Electric Vehicle.

4 Decades of Trust

11 Crore happy customers and growing everyday

End to End EV Solutions

From electric vehicles to EV charging solutions

Globally Proven Technology

Operating in 38 countries across 5 continents

Leaders in the Battery Industry

Pioneering India's battery market for over 35 years

Made in India - For India

In-house development to suit Indian climate and conditions

1000+ Service Fleet

Issues resolved - Anytime. Anywhere.

A little bit about us

We have been a symbol of trust and quality in India for almost 4 decades, and are a pioneer in the battery manufacturing industry. It is with this experience that today, we enter into the Electric Mobility space, offering solutions from Electric Scooters and Electric Vehicle Batteries to EV Charging and Battery Swapping solutions.

Over the years, our commitment towards the environment have been inspired and this is shown through our CSR programs including but not limited to Environmental Management System and Environmental Policy System making Okaya an ISO 14001:2004 company. Adding to this commitment towards environmental conservation, Okaya has ventured into the domain of providing affordable, sustainable, and clean mobility to the country via its range of Zero Emission Electric Scooters.

Come, join hands with us in making the shift towards a greener India by ditching conventional, polluting vehicles, and switching to an Okaya Electric Vehicle.

The story behind going the electric route

Venturing into the mobility segment was always on the cards for us, but the how and when were decided by external factors; with India on the brink of disruption as far as transportation is concerned, it was an opportunity we couldn't give up on nor delay. We have been in the business of battery, electronics, software, and power for decades now, and looking at the gaps in the current electric vehicle industry we decided it was time for us to move ahead as a brand into a new direction, using all our experience and combining it with our strength of delivering manufacturing excellence. Our entry into the EV space begins with 2-wheelers and then sky's the limit. Its the right move for the brand ideologically as well as emotionally.

Anil Gupta, Chairman

Following the trends in this now highly dynamic EV space, there have been many occasions to celebrate, yet many more which leaves the segment more vulnerable than safe. There are huge gaps between what is and what could have been when it comes to the end product. E2Ws today are on extreme ends of the price spectrum and those not on the high end of the market fail to match up to petrol 2-wheelers when it comes to performance and/or desirability. Our aim is to build vehicles in which every component is made right here in India, is made for the masses, and deliver the quality & ruggedness the automobile segments need to deliver while maintaining affordability. We understand the EV isn't a political goal for India but an economical and ecological goal for Indians.

Anshul Gupta, Director

India as a market holds a huge potential for electric vehicles across its sub-segments; the biggest opportunity of-course being two wheelers. However, the petrol two wheeler giants are yet to make an impactful move while the existing EV players in the market lack the infrastructure preventing them from scaling up to a level where they can go toe-to-toe with the current ICE 2W network. The current quality of the overall E2W industry is not upto automobile standard and this is where we come in.  Our mission is to setup a dominating network pan India that's efficient and capable enough to deliver products at a pace which hyper-boosts the sales figures in the segment all  while giving a rock solid after sales support. After all, in the years to come only the strong will survive and we intend on being ahead of that curve.

Puran Singh Negi, AVP Sales & Marketing
Daily Travel Distance
60 Kilometers
Petrol Saved in 5 Years
2250 Liters
Money Saved on Petrol in 5 Years
Rs. 2,27,250
Maintenance Cost Saved in 5 Years
Rs. 12,450
Carbon Savings Made
54,000 Kilograms

We come bearing gifts - in the form of savings

Save upto Rs. 2,46,000 in just 5 years by switching to an Okaya EV today.
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