Why Choose
Okaya EV

Choose Okaya EV for a seamless transition to electric power. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology, sustainable practices, and unmatched performance sets us apart, making us the ideal choice for those embracing a cleaner and brighter future.

Legacy Of
4 Decades

Okaya stands tall with a legacy that spans over forty years. Our enduring presence reflects a commitment to excellence, reliability, and continuous innovation. Over the years, we have evolved to become pioneers in providing cutting-edge solutions that power the present and shape the future.

Proudly Made
In India

Rooted in India, Okaya symbolizes strength, resilience, and a profound connection to the nation. Our products are meticulously crafted, embodying the quality and durability associated with the “Made in India” label. By choosing Okaya, you contribute to local industries and sustainable growth.

Why Okaya
Stands Out

Okaya shines brighter by delivering a host of benefits and versatile applications. From superior energy density to extended battery life, our products empower electric vehicles, homes, and businesses. Whether it’s reliability, efficiency, or environmental consciousness, Okaya offers a comprehensive solution for a cleaner, greener, and more powerful future..

EV Innovators

In the world of electric mobility, Okaya stands alone, offering a comprehensive ecosystem. From advanced Lithium batteries to innovative EV chargers and essential accessories, we craft every component to redefine your electric journey. Okaya – where every part, designed with precision, propels you into a sustainable future.

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F2F electric scooter is a lighter and more spacious version….


The Faast F3 is your reliable companion, offering long-lasting performance….


F2B emerges with its own vibrant identity while sharing….


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The F2T electric scooter is designed to simplify and enhance your life….


India's first high-speed e-Scooter with an unrivaled range of up to 160 KM...

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OKAYA batteries don't catch fire because we use the cutting-edge LFP technology in our Lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are capable of performing in extreme weather conditions as its Battery Management System (BMS) prevents thermal runaway in the cells.

E-Scooter service in the desired location has to be checked with the dealership for availability or pickup from home. Please login to our website and find the dealer nearest to you.

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Book for ₹ 2,500/-