It's important to choose the right
brand to support your business objectives

Businesses ride on more than just brand name, you'd know best! At Okaya EV, our end objective is to deliver product and services that help you sustain not just on a short term basis but give you more in the long run of it all with each passing year of your association with us.

Keeping your ROI in mind first, Okaya EV brings you a host of products, each unique in its own way, delivering the best in class financial as well as infrastructural advantages which sync perfectly with your and your brand's core objectives and expectations.

Anshul Gupta

Lowest Running Cost | Highest ROI
India's Largest Service Network
India's No.1 EV Charging Brand
Customized Offerings
When you chose Okaya, these are who you make happy
Your staff

Don't just migrate. Upgrade. Okaya e-Scooters are robust yet quiet, powerful, yet smooth, exhilarating yet comfortable. Your employees would love the electric performance all while reducing petrol costs and their carbon footprints.

Your accounts

Okaya EV help you reduce costs wasted on all and sundry admin expenses drastically. Petrol expense, fuel theft, forged bills...they're all a thing of the past. Choose from the wide range of Okaya e-Scooters or bundle them up with our EV charging solutions and watch the savings soar.

Your enviroment

Every liter of petrol burnt emits 2.4 kgs of COx gasses into the atmosphere. Do you really want that on your conscious? We don't either. By choosing an Okaya e-Scooter you help make all that turn into zero. Now if that doesn't add to your net 0 cause, what will?

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30 vehicles
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