Electric Scooters for Students- Affordable and Sustainable Mode of Transportation

As a student life can be quite hectic with classes, studies, internships, and socializing consuming all your time. Finding some alone time for yourself can feel like a real challenge. And let's not even get started on the daily commute – it's not just about finding an affordable option, but also one that can help you maximize your precious time. If all this sounds way too relatable to you then electric scooters can truly be a game changer for students like you. No more squeezing into overcrowded metros, no more getting stuck in frustrating traffic jams, and definitely no more worries about reaching those early morning lectures on time. But wait there's more to them than meets the eye. They're a smart choice that can save you money and reduce your impact on the environment. Electric scooters go beyond being just a mode of travel. So, here are a few points to help you understand the benefits of using electric scooters as a student. 


Affordable to ride 

Being a student is expensive. Apart from the tuition fees, you also might have to pay for food, rent, and more which can put an extra load on your budget. So, why burden yourself further? Electric scooters are a very cost-effective way of commuting to campus or going to work.  All you need to do is charge them up based on your routine. It's true that owning a car is every college student’s dream but it involves long-term expenses, like the costs of fuel and maintenance whereas electric scooters are extremely low maintenance, even after years of use. You also won’t have to pay expensive fuel charges. Based on your daily activities, charging your electric scooter would cost you around 16 paisa/ Km and only Rs. 3,000 per year with little to no maintenance. That's budget-friendly in the long run.


Easy To Learn

One of the good things about riding an electric scooter is that they do not require any special skill to ride or operate. If you can ride a bicycle, only takes a few minutes to learn the basics, and after that, riding is almost too easy. It's even easier than riding a bike for most people. Plus, electric scooters come in both high-speed and low-speed variants, so you can pick one that suits your preference.


No License or Registration cost required

Typically a valid driver's license is needed to operate any kind of motor vehicle. But electric scooters with a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour and use less than 250 watts of power don't require any driver's license or registration. Low-speed scooters are a standard pick for everyone, especially for those who have just started learning how to ride.  They can be a great companion for those late-night rides around the campus. 


Comfortable To Ride 

While riding comfort is a priority for everyone. And electric scooters in general are a lot more comfortable to ride than other modes of transportation in many ways. To begin with, the electric motors run very quietly, meaning you can ride around as early in the morning or late at night as you want without bothering your neighbors.  They produce minimal exhaust noise, reducing noise pollution. Additionally, electric engines produce less vibration compared to petrol engines, whether you're cruising through the city or waiting in traffic. Plus, no need to worry about burning yourself on a hot exhaust pipe!


In Conclusion 

In conclusion, going off to college is an exciting experience and electric scooters can truly revolutionize your life. Not only are they affordable and easy to learn but also a fun ride for finding your way around the campus.  For a stress-free way to get to classes, electric scooters are a must. So, grab your helmets and embark on this exciting journey with electric scooters.