Why should you consider becoming an Electric Scooter Dealer?

Are you exploring opportunities to boost your income? In today's start-up world, we sometimes overlook the opportunity to leverage the reliability of established brands to increase our earnings. The year 2023 has witnessed remarkable growth in several industries, with some experiencing a 50-70% increase. One such booming sector is the electric vehicle (EV) industry.

As the demand for cost-effective transportation continues to rise, so does the need for charging stations everywhere. This presents a golden opportunity for you to become a dealer and enter the crucial world of charging solutions. Becoming an EV dealer isn't just a business choice; it's your pathway to success in the rapidly expanding and highly popular electric vehicle sector. More and more people are making the switch to EVs as a cost-effective and sustainable mode of transportation. Here are a few things that will help clarify why you should consider the dealership opportunity:

Cutting-edge technology

When you become an EV dealer, you gain access to technology that can attract more customers. You don't need to worry about finding the best technology because brands have already done their homework to establish the technology that benefits their customers. One such technology that Okaya is renowned for is its Cutting-edge LFP battery technology. These batteries not only offer enhanced safety, even in extreme weather conditions, but also have a longer lifespan compared to other battery technologies. By offering Okaya's LFP batteries to your customers, you can provide them with reliable and high-quality battery technology.



The initial investment when you become an EV dealer is much lower compared to ICE vehicles while yielding the same profit. Electric vehicles require very little maintenance and have fewer moving parts in contrast to ICE vehicles. This translates to minimal capital expenditure for establishing large service centres and maintaining inventories, which ultimately saves even more money in the long run.


Expert Guidance

While looking for partners you always want a brand that is reliable and has considerable experience in the industry. OKAYA has a legacy of four decades in the battery manufacturing industry, making it stand out in the EV industry.  Additionally, all Okaya electric scooters are manufactured in-house with a proud made-in-India tag, further establishing their trustworthiness and reliability.


Government subsidies 

The Indian government is actively promoting EV adoption through subsidy schemes like FAME II (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles), and some states are also offering additional subsidies to accelerate EV adoption in their regions. FAME II provides a substantial subsidy of ₹10,000 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of battery or up to 15 percent of the electric scooter's cost. Additionally, select states such as Delhi, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and many more offer subsidies on all-electric two-wheelers. These incentives make electric vehicles more affordable for customers, boosting your sales and ensuring you reap the rewards.


So, Now! Now! Is the perfect time to embark on the exciting journey of EV adoption. When you join OKAYA as a partner, you not only position yourself in the rapidly expanding EV industry but also gain access to cutting-edge technologies, cost-effective business operations, expert guidance, and the advantages of government subsidies. Harnessing these resources will not only enhance your business but also contribute to the broader mission of sustainable transportation in India. So, take the leap and collaborate with OKAYA EV to become a part of the green revolution that is shaping the future of India.