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Okaya is providing energy system integration products, solutions and operation services to Information technology (IT) and Telecom, Renewable Energy Storage (ESS), Electric Vehicle (EV), Smart City and other energy Storage systems for different applications. With the development in decades, Okaya has become the leader in global industrial and domestic batteries section with very diversified and innovative product range, and “Okaya ” is a famous and well-known brand all over the world.

Okaya EV Chargers are able to charge all Electric Vehicles of IEC 60309 (Bharat AC001), IEC 62196-2 (Type-2 AC), CCS-2, CHAdeMO & GB/T Charging Standard compatible AC Charger 230V or 415V and DC Charger wide output Voltage up to 750 / 1000V.

  • Established in 1980
  • No.1 EV charging supplier, 3rd Biggest Battery manufactured in India
  • 5 billion USD revenue in the year 2021.
  • 1500 + employees
  • Presence in 50+ Countries
  • More than 5% turnover invested in R&D


EV Chargers
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EV Chargers
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EV charger is an equipment specifically designed to recharge electric vehicles.

There are two type of EV chargers: AC Charger and DC Charger.

The price range of home EV Charger starts from 20 thousand and goes up to 75 thousand.

It depends on various factors such as the battery capacity, charging rate, and the type of charger used. It usually takes 45 mins to 1 hour from DC fast chargers and several hours or overnight from AC chargers

AC charging uses alternating current and is typically slower, while DC charging uses direct current and offers faster charging speeds.

There are so many factors considered while  buying the EV charger: 1. Charging speed 2. Tethered & Untethered 3. Location 4. Costs 5. Relevant Certification(ARAI/ICAT) 6. safety- Ev Charger is high-load electrical equipment, so safety has to be paid extra attention for the Ev installation. 7. Weather Durability- You must ensure that the Ev Charger you are planning to install can withstand all weather conditions. You should also check for IP rating and warranty.

Frequent use of a dc charger can negatively impact battery performance and durability. The high current impact during fast charger, excess heat is generated inside the batteries.

A- We can solve the issue you currently have better or differently than our competitors. We have other factors to to choose our brand: 1. We are the cheapest. 2. We are local ,we have a presence in pan india. 3.  we are the oldest - Having a history going back 35+ years speaks to financial stability, because it's assumed you weathered many crises. 4. Consumer Rating. 5. We are Environmentally Conscious.

We can get the individual Energy Consumption details through our Cms /Ev Charger Mobile APP.

You can Charge  any 2W,3W & 4 W for okaya Ev Charger.

No,we are providing a charging Cable/Gun along with all okaya Ev chargers.

Dues any fault occurs you can connect to our service department from our toll free no. which is given in our company website.

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